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Welcome to Oxidev!

Oxidev is a small Swedish company specialized in software development for PC and Mac as well as development of mobile applications for iPhone/iPad.

Oxidev Innovation should not be mistaken with the American company Oxidev Interactive who has a questionable reputation.

We also run and maintain websites such as, a movie information database, and which is a Swedish newspaper portal.

Available sites:

Swedish sites:

In the making...

A medical solution for helping diabetics. Initially for iPhone/Web but later on there will also be Android support. Planned release spring/summer 2013.

A new version of is being developed as well as the MOODb iPhone App.

2012-10-07 - Movie Organizer v2.8.6

Movie Organizer v2.8.6 is released. After 14 years Movie Organizer is still being developed, and of course it's still freeware.

2012-09-18 - Movie Organizer domain

The new domain for Movie Organizer is which replaces the old .com domain. Please make sure you update your bookmarks.

2012-09-01 - Movie Organizer web site

The Movie Organizer web site has gone through some changes. New design and new server.

2012-07-06 -

The news paper portal is modernized and has been moved to new fast servers powered by
LJ System.

2012-06-20 - Zort for iOS/iPhone

Check out our latest iPhone game Zort which is released under the Sneaky Cow label. It's a game for the quick-minded where you can sort things relative to each other.